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January 15 2021

Single Review

”Difficult Year’ sounds like the calm after the storm, it’s not a sad song, but on the opposite, it carries that good energy of rebirth that we all have experienced once in our life, when something solid and given for guaranteed disappears and we feel scared but also free and projected towards the future...Read article here



January 14 2021


 "I might compare the track to something from Paul McCartney or Stevie Wonder with a similar intimacy behind the melody, but it wouldn’t do Aaron any justice. The profundity and poignancy of ‘Difficult Year’ is not only in the beautiful piano-playing but lies in his robust vocals. Etched with a sense of empowerment and optimism, Aaron Yorke's voice oozes a sentimentality and sincerity that can carry us through the new year." ...Read article here

Nicole Mendes


October 5 2020

Music blog review

 "‘Games’ feels relatable during the world’s state. Aaron’s stunning vocals soar with guidance and shields listeners with hope for a better future. Coming to the world in a time of need, this passionate single gives an insight that Aaron Yorke deserves wider recognition." ... Read article here

Chloe Mogg


15th January 2021

Single Review

 "While Aaron Yorke does draw on the personal changes and emotions he faced, the single is one that everyone can connect with. Sensitive and carefully crafted, it will have you sinking into reflection and considering how things might have changed for the better."..Read article here 



October 30 2020


 "‘There’s a fragility to his cadence which shines through so clearly over the minimal backing. You can hear the subtlest vibratos and breaks, and they create this rich sense of character that leaves you wholly vulnerable. ."

Read article here

BOPS Collective


October 2, 2020

Podcast play 

My track 'Games' was broadcasted on this amazing podcast run by Barstool music. Some great tracks on there this evening!

Listen to the episode

Barstool Music UK

Podcast play

Play of  'Games'

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